Justin Simmons, Worship Pastor-Hepsibah Baptist Church, Seneca, SC

"When I bring artists in, one of the things that I look for are those that have a heart to serve the Lord, the local church and who lift high the name of Jesus Christ.  Billy Hodges does just that.  Every time I hear Billy sing, I watch as the Spirit of God uses him to impact a lost and dying world.  His tenor voice is a gift to the church and a beacon of hope to those who need the love of Jesus.  Use him!  He will be a blessing to your church." 

Dr. John Anderson, Senior Pastor-Church of the Nazarene, Ravenna, KY

 "Billy is a great singer, artist, and Christian.  It has been my privilege to invite him to minister to every church I have served for the past several years.  He will be a blessing wherever he goes."

Pastor Doyle Harper-Restoration Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

"I've known Billy for many years and in that time I've grown to appreciate his talent and his heart for ministry more each year. He has always given us, and the Lord, his very best each time we have hosted him and his ministry."

Pastor Justin Chaney-Herbert Baptist Church, Union, MS

"Billy has been a blessing to our church and my family for several years. He has a desire to serve the Lord in each and every church where he ministers."

Pastor Isiah Super- White Oak Baptist Church, Nancy, KY

"I try to surround myself with Kingdom minded servants of our Lord.  Billy Hodges is exactly that.  His music inspires and uplifts.  Most importantly it comes from his heart and from the Word."

Pastor Joseph Ladner-Macedonia Baptist Church, Lucedale, MS

"Billy has visited our church many times and has been a wonderful blessing to our congregation.  In an industry that is full of artificial Gospel Singers, Billy Hodges stands out with his straight from the heart singing style."